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What is Courage & Why Do You Need to Step into Courage to Change?

S1 E11

In this week’s “Weekly Dose of Higher Consciousness”, I cover the level of consciousness known as COURAGE.

So What is Courage & Why Does It Take Courage to Change?

The Map of Consciousness puts into context the level of consciousness known as courage. Courage calibrates at 200 on the Map of Consciousness (or 10 to the 200th power). It is what Dr. David R. Hawkins’ research into consciousness has found to be the doorway into true power.

True power is defined in consciousness research as an energy that is positive aspect-oriented, constructive and upward pulling. The level of consciousness of courage is what Dr. Hawkins considers a spiritual gateway into higher consciousness and TRUE Power.

Why does it take courage to change?

It takes courage to change because its the first level of consciousness that actually has the power and energy level to change.

Albert Einstein is quoted as saying, “You can not solve a problem from the level of consciousness that created it.” Any “problem” or lower-level emotion calibrates 199 or lower on the Map of Consciousness.

There is no power below 199.

There are only negative aspect-oriented, downward pulling and destructive energies below 199. Therefore, it’s a logical understanding that you must step into courage to change and effect any change in your life.

I also cover our Weekly Dose of Higher Consciousness Quiz that asks, which is of highest consciousness:

  1. Kneeling to Pray,
  2. Random Acts of Kindness, or
  3. Visualization Healing?

Listen in for the answer!

This week’s 101 Ways to Happiness from Dr. Hawkins Book of Slides, is #7 Joie de Vivre independent of events.

This week’s affirmations are: “I am willing to step into courage on (fill in the blank) my issue.”

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