Everything You Need to Know About Sound Healing Training

Sound healing is an ancient practice of using sound to promote relaxation, reduce stress, and improve physical and emotional well-being. With the proper training, you can develop the skills needed to create effective sound healing treatments for yourself and others.

Understand the History and Theory of Sound Healing.

Understanding the history and theory of sound healing is integral to creating sound healing treatments correctly.

To gain a good foundation, you must be familiar with the ancient Indian practice of “Nada Yoga,” which forms the basis for many of today’s modern sound healing treatments. It would be best to understand how frequencies and vibrations interact with the body to stimulate its natural healing systems, including Reiki, chakras, and mindfulness meditation.

What is Nada Yoga?

What is Nada Yoga Sound Healing PracticesNada yoga, meaning “union through sound,” is a yoga of sound. It is an ancient Indian system and science of inner transformation through sound and tone.

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Nada yoga is based on the premise that the entire cosmos and everything in it (including humans) consist of sound vibrations or nadas.

Nada yoga uses sound vibrations and resonances to treat various spiritual and psychological conditions. It also helps increase one’s awareness of the chakras and energizes them.

In Nada yoga, there are two types of sound: internal, or Anahata, and external, or ahata. According to Nada yoga, with a focused mind and controlled breath, concentration on external sounds allows the mind to become so quiet that the practitioner can listen to their own Anahata sound. The Anahata, also known as the heart chakra, is considered responsible for the reception of this internal music, but not in the way of a normal sensory organ.

*Definition from Yogapedia.com here.

Learn About Different Types of Sound Healing Modalities.

Crystal Bowls -sound healing modalityIn addition to understanding the history and theory of sound healing, one must become familiar with the different types of sound healing available. This includes learning about:

Furthermore, it would help if you considered exploring shamanic sounding and drumming practices, which have also been found to help restore health and balance.

Increase Knowledge of Vibrational Medicine and Sound Healing Practices.

A fundamental aspect of sound healing training is learning about vibrational medicine and the various sound healing practices.

This includes deciding which modalities you want to focus on, such as:

  • Tuning Fork Sound Healing PracticesTibetan singing bowls,
  • tuning forks,
  • gongs,
  • crystal singing bowls, and
  • toning.

Additionally, practitioners should focus on studying shamanic sounds and drumming to increase their knowledge.

Practice Holding Space and Creating an Intentional Environment for Treatment Sessions.

Create an Intentional Healing Space-1Holding space is essential to providing sound healing treatments because it allows the practitioner to create a safe space for the client to work through their own healing experience. Practicing how to hold the space without interfering with the process includes knowing how to set boundaries, offering guidance if necessary, and staying sensitive to the emotions that arise during the session.

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It is also vital to create an intentional environment by controlling the environment’s temperature, lighting and scent before each session.

Discover Sound Healing Virtual Events and WebinarsAre you on the hunt for consciously curated sound healing events or webinars?

If so, you have stumbled upon the perfect place!

Here at The Mind Body Spirit Network, it is our intention to partner with and select event producers in the mind-body-spirit realm that vet highly regarded and renowned teachers on a wide variety of transformative, alternative, and holistic topics. Many of these individuals are bestselling authors, visionary teachers, luminary healers, and agents of change.

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Sound Healer Events Presenters:

Most of our curated sound healing events are produced by The Shift Network.

They vet top sound healing experts in a wide variety of fields of vibrational medicine.

Some of their bestselling sound healer training courses start with free introductory events from celebrated teachers like:

Explore More Sound Healing Training Intro Events & Courses Below

Discover Your Electric Body & Biofield Tuning Healing

Discover Your Electric Body: Keys to Tuning Your Biofield for Total Wellbeing.

Discover Vibrational Healing with Jonathan Goldman

Experience the powerful vibrational medicine of tuning forks and humming with Jonathan Goldman

Discover Music as Medicine with John Stuart Reid

Music as Medicine: Advanced Practices Using Sound to Reduce Pain, Lower Blood Pressure & Decrease Inflammation with acoustics scientist John Stuart Reid.

Explore More HSP & Empath Tools and Resources from Julie Bjelland

Sound Healing Alchemy to Transmute Difficult Emotions

Eileen McKusick – Sound Healing Alchemy to Transmute Difficult Emotions

Discover The Flute as Sound Medicine to Open Your Heart & Expand Your World

Christine Stevens – The Flute as Sound Medicine to Open Your Heart & Expand Your World

Discover Music as Medicine with John Stuart Reid

Krishna Das – Enter Into the Heart Through Chanting

Sound Healing Related Podcasts

Sound Healer Events Calendar

Below you will find sound healer training events and webinars on a wide variety of topics and sound therapy modalities.  The consciously curated sound healer  events and webinars from our affiliate partners include introductory sound therapy training in:

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