Unlocking the Power of Medical Intuition: A Free Tool for Transformation from Caroline Myss


Discover a powerful tool for transformation, FREE medical intuitive training with Caroline Myss, in this week’s featured podcast from Your Weekly Dose of Higher Consciousness. I am excited to share a free resource that can revolutionize your approach to self-diagnosis and healing. Renowned medical intuitive and bestselling author, Caroline Myss, joins forces with Dr. Norman Shealy to present “The Science of Medical Intuition,” an innovative self-care curriculum.

My guiding mission is to curate teachings and teachers of higher consciousness. This is because there are more than enough well-known teachers of lower consciousness that can’t help you. Of course they wouldn’t know this in the absence of understanding consciousness calibrations and where genuine power to shift you exists in consciousness.

According ConsciousnessCalibrations.com, Caroline Myss is a teacher of higher consciousness.

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Medical Intuitive FREE Miniseries with Caroline Myss

Embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery with the renowned medical intuitive, Caroline Myss. In this podcast, I invite you to explore the world of medical intuitive training and delve into the remarkable teachings of Caroline Myss.

Caroline Myss, a legendary figure in the field of intuition and energy healing, has captivated audiences for over 25 years. With her extraordinary ability to diagnose diseases using intuitive insights, she has achieved an astonishing 93% accuracy rate. Now, she invites you to unlock your own intuitive potential through medical intuitive training.

Medical Intuitive Training Caroline MyssJoin us as we delve into the significance of medical intuition and its impact on holistic healing. Discover the legacy of Caroline Myss and how her teachings have transformed the lives of countless individuals worldwide. From bestselling author to trusted teacher and speaker, Caroline Myss continues to inspire and empower individuals on their healing journeys.

As part of Caroline Myss’s transformative offerings, I am inspired to introduce you to her comprehensive medical intuitive training program. This training provides a deep exploration of intuitive abilities, teaching you how to harness your own innate gifts and apply them to the art of self-diagnosis and healing.

Caroline Myss Medical IntuitiveBut before diving into her comprehensive program, I invite you NOT to miss the opportunity to access *Caroline Myss’s invaluable insights in her FREE video series here. Whether you’re an aspiring healer or simply curious about unlocking your intuitive potential, this blog post will guide you towards the transformative world of medical intuitive training with Caroline Myss.

Prepare to unlock your hidden talents and embark on a path of self-discovery and healing. Discover the profound impact of medical intuitive training with Caroline Myss and step into a world of limitless possibilities.

If medical intuition is new to you, then let’s cover some basics…

What’s Medical Intuition?

Learn Medical Intuition Online with caroline Myss and Norm Shealy MDMedical intuition is an alternative approach to understanding and diagnosing physical or emotional conditions using intuitive abilities rather than relying solely on modern medicine. It involves tapping into one’s intuitive senses to gain insights into a person’s health and well-being. A medical intuitive, often referred to as a medical clairvoyant or medical psychic, claims to have the ability to perceive energetic imbalances, blockages, or underlying causes of illness in individuals.

Medical intuition operates on the belief that the body, mind, and spirit are interconnected, and that imbalances or disturbances in one’s energy system can manifest as physical or emotional ailments. Practitioners of medical intuition rely on their intuitive insights to identify these imbalances and provide guidance on potential treatments or interventions.

While medical intuition is not recognized as a mainstream medical practice, many individuals seek out medical intuitives as complementary or alternative sources of information and guidance for their health concerns. It is important to note that medical intuition should not replace professional medical advice or treatment but can be seen as a complementary tool to gain additional perspectives and insights into one’s health.

How Do Medical Intuitives Perceive or Receive Information?

Medicali Intuition and the Chakra System Online Healer TrainingMedical intuitives perceive or receive information through various intuitive senses. These intuitive senses go beyond the five physical senses of sight, hearing, taste, touch, and smell. Here are some ways in which medical intuitives claim to receive information:

1. Clairvoyance (Clear Seeing): Medical intuitives may have visions or mental images that provide insights into a person’s health. They might see energetic imbalances, blockages, or visual representations of illness within the body.

2. Clairsentience (Clear Feeling): This intuitive sense involves feeling or sensing energy. Medical intuitives may experience physical sensations, such as pain, discomfort, or vibrations, in specific areas of the body, which can provide clues about the person’s health condition.

3. Clairaudience (Clear Hearing): Some medical intuitives report hearing messages, guidance, or inner voices related to a person’s health. They may receive auditory information that helps them understand the underlying causes or potential remedies for the individual’s condition.

4. Claircognizance (Intuitive or Clear Knowing): Medical intuitives often have a strong sense of knowing or understanding without logical explanation. They may receive intuitive insights or understandings about a person’s health without tangible evidence or prior knowledge.

5. Empathy: Medical intuitives can also tap into the emotions and energetic states of individuals. They may empathize with others and sense emotional imbalances that could be linked to their physical well-being.

It’s important to note that the way medical intuitives receive information may vary from person to person. Some may predominantly rely on one intuitive sense, while others may utilize a combination of senses. The information they receive is often subjective and personal to their individual intuitive abilities.

While medical intuition remains a controversial topic, some individuals find value in the insights provided by medical intuitives as an additional perspective to consider when addressing their health concerns. It’s essential to approach medical intuition with an open mind, while also maintaining a critical and discerning attitude when making decisions about one’s healthcare.

The Significance of Renowned Medical Intuitive Edgar Cayce

Edgar Cayce 1910Edgar Cayce (1877-1945) was an American mystic, healer, and arguably one of the most prominent and well-known figures in the field of medical intuition throughout recent history. Born in Hopkinsville, Kentucky, Cayce exhibited psychic abilities from a young age but only discovered his unique healing gifts later in life.

Cayce, often referred to as the “Sleeping Prophet,” would enter a self-induced trance-like state and provide psychic readings while in this altered state of consciousness. During these readings, he would offer insights and guidance on a wide range of topics, including health and healing.

One of the remarkable aspects of Edgar Cayce’s work was his ability to diagnose illnesses and provide detailed recommendations for treatment, even for individuals he had never met in person. He claimed to access a universal consciousness or what he referred to as the “Akashic Records,” a repository of knowledge about every individual’s past, present, and potential future.

Cayce’s medical readings covered a vast array of health conditions, ranging from chronic ailments to more complex diseases. His recommendations often incorporated holistic approaches, including dietary changes, herbal remedies, and lifestyle modifications. He emphasized the interconnectedness of mind, body, and spirit, considering the role of emotional and spiritual factors in health and healing.

Throughout his life, Cayce provided thousands of readings on various subjects, including spiritual growth, Atlantis, and future events. The accuracy and detail of his readings, particularly in the realm of medical intuition, gained him a significant following and respect within the metaphysical and alternative healing communities.

You can peruse Edgar Cayce’s books on Amazon 

Or check out his fascinating website at EdgarCayce.org

Edgar Cayce’s work continues to inspire and influence individuals interested in spiritual and holistic approaches to health and well-being. His contributions to the field of medical intuition have left a lasting impact, and his legacy has paved the way for further exploration and understanding of the mind-body connection and the potential for intuitive insights in healing practices.

In this podcast I discuss the significance of Edgar Cayce’s consciousness level and social impact.

Meet Caroline Myss

Caroline Myss Teacher of Medical Intuition Online CourseCaroline Myss is an internationally renowned speaker, teacher, medical intuitive, and bestselling author. She was born on December 2, 1952, in Chicago, Illinois. With a background in journalism, Caroline pursued a career in the field of energy medicine and intuitive healing, making significant contributions to the understanding of mind-body-spirit connections.

Caroline Myss gained widespread recognition through her groundbreaking work in the field of medical intuition. Drawing upon her intuitive abilities, she has developed a unique approach to diagnosing and understanding the underlying causes of physical and emotional ailments.

Over the past 25 years, Caroline Myss has captivated audiences worldwide through her teachings and presentations on intuition, energy healing, and personal development. She has delivered numerous lectures and workshops, sharing her insights on topics such as human consciousness, spirituality, and the power of self-healing.

Caroline’s expertise in medical intuition has been featured in major media outlets, including The New York Times, The Oprah Winfrey Show, and CNN. Her ability to accurately diagnose diseases and offer intuitive insights has earned her a reputation as a trusted authority in the field.

Video Book Review of Anatomy of Spirit by Caroline MyssAs a prolific author, Caroline Myss has penned several bestselling books, many of which have become international classics. Some of her notable works include “Anatomy of the Spirit,”Sacred Contracts,” “Entering the Castle,” and “The Power of Prayer.” Through her writings, she explores the intricate connections between spirituality, health, and personal transformation, providing practical guidance for individuals seeking to deepen their understanding of themselves and their journey.

Caroline Myss continues to be an influential figure in the field of intuitive healing and personal development. Through her teachings, writings, and intuitive insights, she inspires individuals to tap into their inner wisdom and take an active role in their physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. Her contributions have made a lasting impact on countless lives and have helped shape the understanding of holistic healing approaches.

More About Caroline’s Journey with Dr. Norman Shealy

Norm Shealy MD Teacher of Medical Intuition TrainingMore than 25 years ago, a Harvard-trained neurosurgeon and researcher named Dr. Norman Shealy was introduced to a young woman with a special gift: she could “see” illness in other people with only her intuition to guide her.

After extensive testing, Dr. Shealy concluded that her ability to diagnose disease—even from remote distances—was 93% accurate.

Today that medical intuitive, Caroline Myss, is a legend in the field of intuition and energy healing and has five New York Times bestsellers to her credit.

Together, Dr. Norman Shealy and Caroline Myss, have created a groundbreaking self-care curriculum: The Science of Medical Intuition.

Along with Sounds True, They created an introduction to their online course that I am introducing you to today, which is a Free 3-part Video Series that was produced by Sounds True.