The Mind Body Spirit Network brings to you their monthly High Vibe Tribe Book Reviews group video! Today three members of The Mind Body Spirit Network, Intuitive Chakra Reader & Reiki Practitioner Liz Bigger, Psychic Medium Cheryl Murphy, and Liz Gracia share some of their favorite books that have moved them in the hopes they will move you as well.

Today we are reviewing:

  1. Eastern Body Western Mind by Chakra Expert Anodea Judith
  2. Trust Your Vibes by Sonia Choquette, and
  3. Tuning the Human Biofield by Eileen Day McKusick

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Liz Bigger Founder opf Butterfly Healing and Wellness of Staford Virginia

Liz Bigger’s Book Review Selection:

Video Book Review of eastern Body Western Mind by Anodea JudithEastern Body Western Mind
-by Anodea Judith

 About Eastern Body Western Mind:

In Eastern Body, Western Mind, chakra authority Anodea Judith brought a fresh approach to the yoga-based Eastern chakra system, adapting it to the Western framework of Jungian psychology, somatic therapy, childhood developmental theory, and metaphysics and applying the chakra system to important modern social realities and issues such as addiction, codependency, family dynamics, sexuality, and personal empowerment.

Arranged schematically, the book uses the inherent structure of the chakra system as a map upon which to chart our Western understanding of individual development. Each chapter focuses on a single chakra, starting with a description of its characteristics and then exploring its particular childhood developmental patterns, traumas and abuses, and how to heal and maintain balance.

Purchase  Eastern Body Western Mind on Amazon Here!

Free Online Chakra Course CHakra Healing Courses with Anodea JudithIn the video, we mention that we offer Anodea’s Online Chakra course, which starts with a FREE 1-hour webinar to see if the online chakra course is right for you. Register here.

About Liz Bigger:

Liz Bigger is a Certified Reiki Master and Crystal Reiki practitioner, 3 years practicing Reiki, as well as a student/practitioner of many other intuitive healing modalities. She is also an intuitive chakra reader.

She was lead to alternative health and healing practices because of her diagnosis of Leaky Gut Syndrome, which was debilitating. Reiki was the healing that finally made her feel well and healed. So, she decided to share it with others in need of mind body spirit healing

You can connect with Liz Bigger here.

Cheryl Murphy, Psychic and Spiritual Medium, Founder of The Healing Prayer Circle and Psychic Intuitive Teacher-Trainer

Cheryl Murphy’s Book Review Selection:

Video Book Review of Trust Your Vibes by Sonia ChoquetteTrust Your Vibes: Secret Tools for Sixth Sensory Living

– by Sonia Choquette

About Trust Your Vibes:

In this fascinating and informative book, spiritual teacher and psychic Sonia Choquette reveals the secrets you need to awaken your intuitive voice and . . . trust your vibes. If you’re ready to step into a Divine, more energetically uplifting experience and live an easier, more satisfying way of life, you’ll learn how to do so within these pages.

In this work, Sonia presents real-life stories of those who learned to tap into their intuition to drastically change and improve their lives; see what they do, how they think, the choices they make, and the attitudes and perspectives they own. In modeling yourself after sixth-sensory people, you too can activate your own intuitive channel. Your intuition supports your creativity, helps heal your emotional wounds, and calms your anxious and uncertain heart. It brings you peace of mind and shows you how to live in a higher, more harmonious way.

Purchase Trust Your Vibes on Amazon here.

Check out our High Vibe Tribe Expert Interview with Sonia Choquette here.

HOw to Develop Your Psychic Abilities with Sonia ChoquetteWe also mention Sonia’s current 7 week online course for how to develop your psychic abilities and trust your intuition. Click here for more info, though it may not be accessible after July 2019.

About Cheryl:

Cheryl Murphy is a gifted psychic, spiritual medium and healer. She is the founder of The Healing Prayer Circle, a powerful, FREE monthly online group prayer circle. She is also leader of her Inner Circle membership, and online intuitive and psychic development training program.

Cheryl is a member of The Mind Body Spirit Network. You can connect with Cheryl by visiting here member listing page here.

Liz Gracia, Founder & Editor in Chief of The Mind Body Spirit Network

Liz Gracia’s Book Review Selection:

Tuning the Human Biofield - Healing with Vibrational Sound TherapyTuning the Human Biofield: Healing with Vibrational Sound Therapy 
-by Eileen Day McKusick

 About Tuning the Human Biofield:

A guide to the practice of Sound Balancing, using tuning forks to clear trauma stored in the human energy field

• Provides a precise map of the energetic biofield that surrounds the body, showing where specific emotions, memories, traumas, and pain are stored

• Details how to locate stored trauma in the biofield with a tuning fork and clear it

2015 Nautilus Silver Award 

When Eileen McKusick began offering sound therapy in her massage practice she soon discovered she could use tuning forks to locate and hear disturbances in the energy field, or biofield, that surrounded each of her clients. She found these energetic disturbances correlated with the emotional and physical traumas her clients had experienced throughout their lives, the biofield acting as a record of pain, stress, and trauma from gestation onward.

Passing the forks through these areas in the biofield not only corrected the distorted vibrational sounds she was hearing but also imparted consistent, predictable, and sometimes immediate relief from pain, anxiety, insomnia, migraines, depression, fibromyalgia, digestive disorders, and a host of other complaints.

Now, nearly 20 years later, McKusick has fully developed her sound healing method, which she calls Sound Balancing, and created a map of the biofield, revealing the precise locations where specific emotions, memories, ailments, and traumas are stored.

In this book, McKusick explains the complete practice of Sound Balancing and provides illustrations of her Biofield Anatomy Map. She details how to use tuning forks to find and clear pain and trauma stored in the biofield. She reveals how the traditional principles and locations of the chakras correspond directly with her biofield discoveries. Exploring the science behind Sound Balancing, she examines scientific research on the nature of sound and energy and explains how experiences of trauma produce “pathological oscillations” in the biofield, causing a breakdown of order, structure, and function in the body.

Offering a revolutionary perspective on mind, energy, memory, and trauma, McKusick’s guide to Sound Balancing provides new avenues of healing for energy workers, massage therapists, sound healers, and those looking to overcome chronic illness and release the traumas of their past.

Purchase Tuning the Human Biofield on Amazon here.

Sound Healing and Sound Therapy: Finally, a scientifically sound solution to diminish pain, stress, and anxietyIn the video, we mentioned our High Vibe Tribe Expert Interview with Eileen McKusic. You can watch that here and connect with links to her website and tuning fork practitioners.

It’s likely Eileen’s Sound Healing with Tuning Forks class will come around again, though you can try to get in on it here.

About Liz Gracia:

Liz is the Founder & Editor in Chief of The Mind Body Spirit Network. She is a champion for higher consciousness and truth and is an advocate for alternative health, thought, and being-ness. The Mind Body Spirit Network was created to bring light to the visionary thought leaders, luminary healers, transformation coaches and agents of change that are here to fuel our awakening consciousness and deal with our health and wellbeing in holistic and enlightened ways before major health issues manifest.

If you would like to be apart of this conscious community, aka the “High Vibe Tribe”. schedule a consultation with Liz here.

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