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What Does It Mean to Be Spiritually Awakened?
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How to Be Spiritually Awakened-Your Weekly Dose of Higher ConsciousnessIn today’s episode, I help contextualize what it means to be spiritually awakened.

What is a spiritual awakening?

Are you a spiritually awakened human being?

Let’s take a look!

When you begin to grasp Dr. David R. Hawkins Map of Consciousness®, you’ll see that the opportunity to become spiritually awakened is vast and multi-faceted in nature.

My recommendation is to take a look at a long-standing issue or pattern in your life for which you’d like to be spiritually awakened.

Consciousness research has shown that to move even 1/2% on the Map of Consciousness® can be life-changing. This is a spiritual awakening in and of itself.

You don’t have to be a Buddha (LOC 1,000), Christ (LOC 1,000), a Dr. Hawkins (LOC 1,000) Gandhi (LOC 760), or even Mother Teresa (LOC 710) to become spiritually awakened in some, part of your life.

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How to Be Spiritually Awakened Starts with Courage

The 1st step to become awakened in any area of your life is to step into courage (LOC-200) on the issue.

Courage is the gateway to real power and the 1st step to spiritually awakening on any subject.

Albert Einstein said, Albert Einstein has been famously quoted as saying, “You can’t solve a problem from the level of consciousness that created it.”

Albert intuitively knew, or deduced at his genius-level awareness, of the nature of real power.

Gas Tank Running on EmptyI always like to use the metaphor of “gas in the tank.” Do you have enough “gas in the tank” to get where you want to go?

If you are unwilling to step into the courage to even take an honest look at the recurring lower-level patterns in your life, there isn’t enough “gas in the tank” for you to make a change.

You will continue to spin around in the proverbial hamster wheel of lower consciousness.

You must access higher levels of consciousness to make any change. Be willing to face the issue and be honest about the truth of emotionality and seeming problems or energy of victimhood that’s around this issue.

You likely have access to many levels of higher consciousness like:

Use them to address the problems and be intentional about your interest in being spiritually awakened on any number of topics or issues in your life. These are powerful, yet impersonal attractor fields in consciousness you have the “Free Will” to choose!