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So you’ve tried using Facebook ads to no avail. You’re frustrated and disappointed that you’ve spent money with no results. What gives?

Join The Mind Body Spirit Network Online Meetup Group and Certified Online Marketing Expert Liz Gracia for a lively and informative conversation where you will learn to understand all the steps in the Facebook ad campaign funnel where things could go awry.

You will walk away with simple steps to take immediately in order to optimize the performance of your Facebook ads

Successful Facebook ads ...Facebook Friend or Foe?Things to consider for successful Facebook Ads…

·         What is your objective? lead generation, brand awareness, driving traffic to a website or blog, watch a video

·         Do you have an offering that people want? (How do you know?)

·         Are you asking too much of your audience? (Is your audience cold, warm or hot and what does this mean?


·         Do the images you use make sense and are they congruent with the offering or call to action?

·         What about the copy, (your headline, description text and calls to action)?

·         Where are you sending your audience? (A website, a landing page, a video, your Facebook page?)

·         How much is your daily spend on each ad?

·         How long have you been running ads?

·         Do you have an email marketing automation stream in place that’s relevant and makes sense to the original Facebook ad?

·         Do you have an ongoing email marketing strategy to continue to nurture those leads.

In this short presentation you will have a greater understanding of “The Foundational Basics for Your Successful Facebook Ads” and where you may need to “Shore up” your online marketing and Facebook ad campaign optimization efforts for long term success and the type of professional support  you may need to consider to do so.

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Certified Online Marketing Expert Liz GraciaLiz Gracia
Director of Marketing and Visionary Alchemist for Member Business Growth