10 High Vibe Tips to Be at Peace Right Now & Align with Higher Consciousness

10 High Vibe Tips to Be at Peace Right Now— Stay Aligned with Higher Consciousness : Today’s videos provides high vibe tips, scientifically proven to align with higher consciousness. Get your self into the energy field of “High Vibe’ consciousness and shift into ways to be at peace.

Here’s the 2 blog posts I mention at the beginning of the video:

  1. The Meaning of Oneness as It Relates to the Crown Chakra & the Coronavirus and
  2. Spiritually Navigating the Coronavirus Outbreak, Grounding for Anxiety and Clearing the Chakra Meditations

10 High Vibe Tips to Be at Peace

High Vibe Tip #1

Stop watching so much news!

(BTW, President Trump (whether you approve of him or not, is essentially speaking the truth when he calls the news “FAKE NEWS”. Most news organizations are bordering on on falsehood most of the time….though there are some exceptions. if you want to see what news organizations and some hosts of the news calibrate you can do so here.)

According to consciousness calibrations of news, regarding the coronavirus, does not calibrate at the highest level of consciousness that it could.

  • 10 High Vibe Tips to Be at Peace Right Now- Stop watching fake newsNews media (US), position on coronavirus, LoC 195 —this is the consciousness level of irresponsibility and profiteering.
  • News reporting on coronavirus, US only, LoC 210. —While the reporting is truthful overall, the virus is held as an opportunity for gain which comes at the expense of society.
  • News media (except US), position on coronavirus, LoC 200. —Depends on news outlet.
  • News reporting on coronavirus, worldwide, LoC 225.

The difficulty with low-200’s reporting is that it is true in a specific or limited context, yet to the lower mind implies universal applicability. (85% of the planet and 50% of the United States is of lower mind.)

I highly recommend the consciousness calibrations of the coronavirus situation as it is presented in many ways from a variety of organizations and individuals.

Any information that calibrates below 200 on the Map of Consciousness® is not helpful and is in fact detrimental to society. Get many coronavirus-related calibrations here.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Consciousness calibrations are typically done from a clinically removed position. There is no position, just an intention to deliver the truth of the results of the calibrations.

Bottom line is, stay informed and take action as needed for you and your family. Touching base 1x day in your community is typically enough. DON’T KEEP THE NEWS STATIONS RUNNING ALL DAY!

It’s not helpful to your own level of consciousness!

That’s why I am sharing other options to fill your free time with that are aligned with higher consciousness, where solutions happen and high vibe frequencies ripple out from all of us that choose the high road.

High Vibe Tip #2 to Align with Higher Consciousness:

Learn HOw to Be at Peace Right Now During the Coronavirus OutbreakHow can you be at peace when you’re spinning with fear and anxiety, or anger or righteousness?

Learn how to let go of fear and anxiety, anger, bitterness and pride right now and understand that doing so only helps you and everyone around you.


FEAR calibrates at 100 on the Map of Consciousness®

Anything below 200 on the MOC is BY NATURE destructive, downward pulling, negatively oriented energy field.

In fact the “social impact” of the coronavirus on society is 105 on the MOC.

So, understand that is makes sense to let go of fear and anxiety, anger and resentment right now. I have a whole episode on Your Weekly Dose of Higher Consciousness on “How to Let Go”.

You may have to go up the emotional ladder one rung at a time, or you may decide to jump into neutral 250 on the MOC (per my suggestion in the video).

If you end up practicing “letting go” you may find yourself coming into anger 1st, which is a good sign you’ve let go of fear and anxiety.

You then may experience righteous pride. Again this is a good sign you have let go of anger.

When you step into courage, you will feel the shift into the energies that support your intention to “be at peace”

High Vibe Tip to Be at Peace #3:

High Vibe Tip #3 to Be at Peace is PLAYPLAY! PLAY! PLAY! PLAY!

To have fun and be at play calibrates at 395 (or 10 to the 395th power) on the MOC.

Versus Fear at 100 (10 to the 100th power in a negatively oriented way) on the MOC.

Use your mind and understanding that the energy required  to solve this problem is about 350 on the MOC.

The powerful energy of having fun and playing with your kids or pets is significant!

This is the energy of  shifting into higher consciousness.

Shut off the news and PLAY!

High Vibe Tip #4 to Align with Higher Consciousness:

Hep out a neighbor or friend in need.

Volunteer to help others in need.

There are ways of being that are of higher consciousness and DO help you, other people and the world right now.

Here’s those ways of being you can “be” right now to shift yourself to be at peace (and the levels of consciousness* or “energy” power calibrations):

REMEMBER: The energies of fear and doubt, anger and resentfulness and righteous pride don’t have the “power” (in other words, “there’s not enough gas in the tank” to get you where you want to go if your intention is to jump into being at peace.

*These level of consciousness calibrations come from Dr. David R. Hawkins book Truth VS Falsehood, How to Tell the Difference.

High Vibe Tip #5 for Being at Peace Right Now:

High Vibe Tip #5 Get together online for fun and playfulness and connection--align with higher consciousness togetherOrganize an online Meetup with friends, co-workers or associates or even put together a family reunion.

But only if those you would invite ar uplifters, fun, playful (395), rational (405) and “normal” (300).

I intend to help you understand what types of energies ae required right now to shift, not only your own level of consciousness but mass consciousness.

To align with higher consciousness has a super powerful ripple effect, once you start to understand levels of consciousness and where TRUE power really exists.

Higher consciousness is quantum in nature!

The higher you go up on the Map of Consciousness® the more powerful and quantum in nature it can become.

Learn How to Be at Peace

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High Vibe Tip #6 for Being at Peace

Check out the website Lumosity.com!

It’s a super fun brain training website where you play 4 different types of brain training games for:

  1. High Vibe Tip #6 ---Check out LumosityMemory
  2. Speed
  3. Flexibilty
  4. Problem solving, and
  5. Attention

I’ve been playing it for years and I’m as sharp as a whip and score in the 98th percentile in my age group (55-59) and in the 90th percentile in the age group of 20- 24.

Be forewarned…when I first started playing the brain training games y scores were dismal! I was practically a full blown DOPE!

It takes tie and practice to get up to speed on your full capacity.

Give it a try!


High Vibe Tip #7 is CLEAN YOUR HOME!

Getting organized and clearing out “old stuff” is contributing to feeling better in a big way!

It is also of higher consciousness to have a tidy clean home.

Reflect on how you feel when you walk into someone’s home that is clean, fresh, and organized.

I don’t know about you, but I always feel great!

I can feel the difference between that and walking into a cluttered, dirty disorganized home overflowing with too much stuff!

Can you FEEL the difference.

If you’ve go the time right now you can:

  • High Vibe Tips for Aligning with Higher ConsciousnessClean out the closets
  • Get rid of too much stuff in the basement and garage…any place where you just dump things and let them pile up,
  • Clean the whole house top to bottom.
  • Clean all the sheets off every bed.
  • Vacuum, dust and mop all the floors.
  • Pull back all the curtains and blinds while you are doing this and let the sunshine in!
  • Reorganize closets, pantries, cupboards, basements and garages.
  • Buy containers that tidy everything up.

Check out a video on YouTube with the sweet Japanese Organization Wizard, Marie Konodo :

High Vibe Tip #8for Aligninh with Higher Consciousness is—


I personally LOVE Masterclass.com

Maybe you’ve seen ads for it on TV?

There are over 80 classes on a wide variety of topics like:

  • Tips for Being at Peace #9Filmaking with Jodi Foster,
  • Comedy with Steve Martin,
  • Directing with Ron Howard,
  • Cooking with Thomas Keller from the French Laundry or Alice Waters from Chez Panis
  • Makeup with Bobbi Brown,
  • Leadership with Bob Igor and so much more!

At the time of this post they are offering BOGO passes! I bought one membership for a gift and used the 2nd free one for me!

You can really align with higher consciousness on all of these topics as each teacher is a Master Creaftsman in their field of expertise.

Get off your booty and get inspired to PIVOT towards something new today!

It could be heaven knockin’ at your door.

High Vibe Tip #9— check out our FREE online events and alternative and transformational online courses.

This may sound self-serving, but…


We got lotsa’ good stuff to learn about!

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High Vibe Tip #9 for Being at Peace & Aligning with Higher Consciousness

Listen to “High Vibe” music!

Funny, I had a conversation with my brother the other day and the topic of “high vibe music” came up and I shared with him the high vibe frequency of classical music. Now he doesn’t have any interest in consciousness calibrations like I do, but he told me he started turning on the classical music station when he goes to bed and he wakes up feeling rested, having had a good night’s sleep.

He listens to classical music at night all the time now!

Here are a few examples of “High Vibe Music”, healing sound, and  their calibrated levels of consciousness:
*The numbers represent calibrated levels of consciousness. Anything above 200 on the Map of Consciousness is upward pulling, positive aspect-oriented, constructive and of higher consciousness. Each number is a log 10 power, i.e. (200) = 10 to the 200th power, (700) = 10 to the 700th power. Anything below 200 is downward pulling, negative aspect-oriented,  and of lower consciousness. There is NO ENERGY to solve problems in lower consciousness.

High Vibe Tip #10 for Being at Peace

Watch “high Vibe” movies and television that makes you laugh, makes you love, and/or inspires you in new ways.

Here’s just a few consciousness calibrations for movies and TV programs from Dr. David R. Hawkins book Truth VS Falsehood: How to Tell the Difference.

These are ALL of higher consciousness. One is not “better than” another, they are of different content and context. So enjoy!

Truth vs Falsehood by Dr. David R. HawkinsYou can find more current consciousness calibrations of music and movies at ConsciousnessCalibrations.com

Or you can invest in Dr. David R. Hawkins encyclopedia (of sorts) of consciousness calibrations in his book Truth VS Falsehood.

Be the Ripple in the Pond: Share Wisdom, Ignite Spirits!

About the Author:

Liz Gracia is the Founder & Editor in Chief of The Mind Body Spirit Network and loves to bring visionary thought leaders, teachers and speakers as well as luminary healers, change agents and transformation specialists to light in order to assist in the evolution of consciousness on Mother Earth and all its inhabitants.

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