How would you like some high-powered rocket fuel for how to manifest what you want?

Today’s episode is the final one in a 5-part series for intentional manifestation and an introduction and review of Eckhart Tolle’s Conscious Manifestation Course that is so popular, he offers it at least one time a year.

Book Review The Power of NOw by Eckhart TollePart 5 is a review of Eckhart Tolle’s Free 5-Part mini-series on Conscious Manifestation 2021, video 4.

Eckhart shares how his book, The Power of Now,  came into his awareness prior to its material manifestation.

I too share my true story and experience of the feeling of the existence of something I consciously intended to manifest. I review this episode and put into context the levels of consciousness he is referring to in regards to understanding that it’s significant to accept that what you intend is already manifested.

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Conscious Manifestation a True Story from Eckhart Tolle Review

Here are the links I promised in today’s videocast:

More helpful resources for intentional manifestation:

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Part 2: What is the #1 obstacle to intentional manifestation? Putting Eckhart Tolle’s teachings of conscious manifestation into context.

Part 3: What’s the #1 Key to Intentional Manifestation?

Part 4: Your Choice to Be of Higher Consciousness Has a Significant Impact on the World

Part 5: What’s the Feeling of Intentional Manifestation? Eckhart & I share our experiences.