What’s Powerful Intention Setting?

Today’s Inspirational Life Lesson of the Day looks at what the power of intention setting looks like in a Super Soul Series interview with a renowned spiritual teacher of the Soul, Gary Zukav and Oprah Winfrey. I consciously curated this particular lesson as it was quite impactful and meaningful to me when I came across it a few years ago.

The Seat of the Soul by Gary ZukavI encourage you to take the time to listen to the full interview and how Oprah was profoundly impacted by Gary’s book The Seat of the Soul. 

She describes the “aha-ha moment” of understanding and integrating the power of intention setting into her Oprah Winfrey show in the early days.

I too recently came across a passage in Dr. David R. Hawkins Book The Map of Consciousness Explained that really reiterates the power of setting intentions.

I am going to take this interview and go deeper into the true, calibrated energy or power of setting intentions, as well as doing my best to answer the question:

What does intention mean?

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What Does Intention Mean?

Let’s answer the question, “What does intention mean?” by sharing the definition of intention directly from the Merriam Webster Dictionary:



in·ten·tion | \ in-ˈten(t)-shən  \

Definition of intention

1awhat one intends to do or bring about
  bthe object for which a prayer, mass, or pious act is offered
What does intention mean-Gary Zukav explainsIn regards to the Oprah Winfrey Show, Oprah’s intention was to bring about awareness and raise the level of consciousness of those lives and individuals she reached through her show and the consciously curated guests she brought on.
This could certainly be considered prayer as Oprah, her show, and her intentions are coming from the heart. In fact, her show has been calibrated as to its level of consciousness at 505 on the Map of Consciousness®. This is per consciousness calibrations in Dr. David R. Hawkins’s book Truth vs Falsehood. This level of consciousness is the level of consciousness known as LOVE.  (You can listen in on Dr. Hawkins’s interview with Oprah Winfrey here.)
2a determination to act in a certain wayRESOLVE
Oprah speaks about this (above) as she describes how she asked all of her guests to set their intentions for their appearance on the show as well. She intuitively understood the power of setting intentions after while reading Gary’s book The Seat of the Soul.
Oprah’s and Gary’s lives are powerful intention manifestations of the level of love and intention to serve the highest good of their audience. They are also examples of intention and the power or “energy” of intention.
3: intentions pluralpurpose with respect to marriage
5a process or manner of healing of incised wounds
6CONCEPTespecially a concept considered as the product of attention directed to an object of knowledge

Are Setting Intentions Really Powerful or Just Whooey?

Intention and purpose are intertwinedLet’s put the power of intention into context based on the calibrated level of consciousness of intention from the Map of Consciouosness found in Dr. David R. Hawkins’s numerous books including Power vs Force, Truth vs Falsehood, and The Map of Consciousness Explained.

There is a very powerful level of consciousness on the Map known as WILLINGNESS. The “process” going on at this level of consciousness is known as INTENTION. It calibrates at 310 on the Map or 10 to the 310th power. I consider this a “Super Power” in consciousness as it is just that relative to lower levels of consciousness below 200 on the Map.

To put this into perspective, 85% of the planet calibrates below 200 on the Map, where there is no “power” to manifest intention. There are too many blocks to manifesting intention below 200 including:

  • Directory of Eckhart Tolle Teachings, Life Lessons, Online Courses Copyunworthiness,
  • anger,
  • fear,
  • disappointment,
  • hopelessness, and
  • righteous pride

This is likely why the power of setting intentions is coming into our awareness slowly but surely.

I created an entire videocast on the level of consciousness of willingness and intention here.

Other powerful teachers of intentional manifestation include:

Dr. Wayne Dyer and Eckhart Tolle.

I came across this powerful truth and bit of spiritual guidance from Dr. David. R. Hawkins in his book The Map of Consciousness Explained in Chapter 9, page 280;

Dr. David R. HawkinsOne of the main spiritual tools is intention, which sets up priorities and hierarchies of values that energize one’s efforts. Spiritual work is a commitment and also an exploration. The way has been openedby those who have gone before and set the possibility in consciousness for others to follow.”

When you come into the awareness of the Map of Consciousness® and start to integrate the notion of consciousness as impersonal energy fields, you’ll start to “get” that every level is simply a level of “fuel” for intention manifestation or not.

If you are operating below 200 on the Map, there’s no “gas in the tank” so to speak, to get you from where you are to where you want to be.

If you use the power of setting intentions for your life and for manifesting what you lovingly hold in your mind, you need “energy” to fuel that intentional manifestation.

The “energy” and power to “get you what you want” is in any level of consciousness above 200 on the Map, but certainly, the level of consciousness known as WILLINGNESS  and the PROCESS OF INTENTION at 310 on the Map or 10 to the 310th power.

There’s “gas in the take” to get you from where you are now to where you want to be at 310 on the Map.

Oprah, Wayne Dyer, Eckhart Tolle, Gary Zukav, Neal Donald Walsch, and many other teachers of higher consciousness are living proof of the power of setting intentions.

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What’s an Intention List You Can Use as a Starting Point or as Journal Prompts?

All areas in your life can be explored as to where you are at and where you would prefer to be.

Use the power of setting intentions at the high level of consciousness known as willingness with the process going on in consciousness known as intention. Again, INTENTION calibrates at 310 on the Map. This is HUGE and a challenge for the linear mind to truly comprehend.

Here’s an intention list  from the Wheel of Life to get you in motion:

Setting Intentions List from the Wheel of Life

What Else Can Be on Your Intention List from the Wheel of Life?

Under the Tuscan Sun

  • Family. What does that look like for you? What are your heart-felt intentions for a family? It doesn’t have to be traditional! In fact, I love the family that was unwittingly created in the movie Under the Tuscan Sun. It’s a beautiful look at setting heartfelt intentions, not necessarily knowing where it may lead. Check out the movie if you’ve never seen it here! Or the book here.
  • SEtting INtentions List and Writing prompts for Your Intentions JournalHealth. Here’s a good one! How can you “energize” your intention for a healthy life? Just so you know…HEALTHY on the Map calibrates at 360 on the Map. This is a high level of consciousness to align with! This is where you will also find the “energy” of athletes and sports.
  • Fun & Recreation. What types of intentions can you set for yourself in this regard? What are your intentions for work-life-play balance? It’s helpful to put into context that “hardworking” calibrates at 200 on the Map, there’s playful calibrates t around 375quiz  on the Map. This is a quantum leap in power and “energy”. Intend to give yourself time away from work and seriously reenergize your life with play. The “energy” is huge and available to you when you give yourself permission to have fun!
  • Friendships & Social Life. We all really need friends and someone we can trust and turn to for wisdom, advice, and the truth about how they see us. What’s your intention for manifesting meaningful relationships that nurture, support, encourage, and tell you the truth?

Books Related to Setting Intentions for Your Life

What Are Some Powerful Intention Statements?

Let’s start with some intention statements based on the Wheel of Life.

Intention statements for personal development:

  1. Consider intention statements for your personal developmentMy intention is to align with higher consciousness in all areas of my life as best I can.
  2. I intend to learn to love myself more and let go of any feelings of unworthiness and perfectionism I may have in my energy field.
  3. I intend to understand the Map of Consciousness as it’s a proven energy scale and blueprint to actualize my ultimate potential.

Intention examples for my spiritual growth and development:

  1. Intention Examples for Spiritual GrowthI intend to learn how to let go of buried, repressed, and suppressed emotions in my energy field.
  2. I intend to align with my Soul’s Purpose and follow “the Mothership” (per Gary Zukav metaphor in the video above…if you didn’t get that far in the video, I highly recommend watching that part of the interview with Oprah)
  3. My intention for my spiritual development is to learn how to meditate and intend to have a disciplined routine for this.

Intention statement ideas for my career and life’s work:

  • Intention Setting Examples for Your CareerI intend to align with the career path that serves the highest good for my life and those I love.
  • I intend to follow my heart when I feel drawn to a particular life path or job opportunities.
  • I intend to create loving, meaningful relationships with my co-workers and associates.

Intention  examples for my financial foundation:

  1. Discover How to Transform Your Relationship with Money CopyI intend to align with a healthy relationship with money and finances and accept that there are no limits to how I can be abundant, prosperous, and thriving financially.
  2. I intend to take a personal finance course to “shore up” a sound financial life foundation. Take Your Money Quiz here.
  3. I intend to create a sound budget to manage my finances.

How About Some More Intention Examples?

Intention statements for your family:

  1. Intention Setting Statements about family lifeI intend to align with an intimate relationship that is harmonious and loving and uplifts both of us in the relationship.
  2. I intend to create a non-traditional family that suits me that looks like…
  3. I intend to raise my children to the best of my ability and be self-aware of old patterns that I may have picked up from my childhood.

Intention setting examples for vibrant health:

  1. SEtting Intentions for a vibrantly healthy bodyI intend to align with the energy of one who balances food intake with an ideal weight.
  2. I intend to align with empowering beliefs about diet and exercise that are limitless and true and not rooted in false beliefs in mass consciousness.
  3. I intend to align with loving thoughts and beliefs and appreciation of my body and understand that the body is a part of me, but not all who I really am.

Intention setting statements for Fun & Recreation:

  1. Intention and purpose for fun in your lifey bodyI intend to align with the loving consciousness and means to travel somewhere new in the world at least one time a year.
  2. I intend to manifest or align with the energy and time to enjoy my favorite hobby or sport.
  3. I intend to take at least 1 course a year to explore something that I really love, like cooking, gardening, or jewelry making.

Setting intentions examples for Friendships & Social Life:

  1. Intention setting ritual for friends and a social life I intend to align with like-minded people with whom I can really laugh and spend quality time with.
  2. I intend to align with the higher consciousness of one who loves to gather family and friends for monthly celebrations, parties, or intimate gatherings.
  3.  I intend to “put myself out there” and align with a truly intentional networking group.

Enjoy Some Intention Setting Tools from Etsy

Take a peek at some editor’s picks from Etsy of intention cards and journals.

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