What’s the #1 key to manifesting what you intend, according to renowned spiritual teacher Eckhart Tolle? Listen in to today’s episode of Your Weekly Dose of Higher Consciousness with your happy host and “Trumpeter of Truth” Liz Gracia


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Here are the links I promised in today’s videocast:

More helpful resources for intentional manifestation:

What’s the #1 Key for Intentional Manifestation? The Power of Now..

How would you like some high-powered rocket fuel for how to manifest what you want?

Today’s episode is the 3rd in a 5-part series for intentional manifestation and an introduction and review of Eckhart Tolle’s Conscious Manifestation Course that is so popular, he offers it at least one time a year.

Part 3 is a review of Eckhart Tolle’s Free 5-Part mini-series on Conscious Manifestation 2021, video 2:

What’s the key in your efforts for intentional manifestation?

The Power of Now!

Being present in the moment and understanding what that really means and feels like is more “rocket fuel” for intentional manifestation.

I review this episode and put into context the levels of consciousness he is referring to in regards to living in the moment, The Power of Now, and manifesting what you want.

Significant Consciousness Calibrations:

Living in the PAST calibrates at 95 on the Map of Consciousness®.

In other words, it’s of lower consciousness and holds no power. This is lower than the level of FEAR in consciousness which calibrates at 100 on the Map.

You can’t manifest what you want when you are living in the past. In fact, you will likely manifest the opposite of what you want. This is so because most of your focus and attention is in on energy field that is powerless to create in a positive direction.

Living in the FUTURE calibrates at 110 on the Map of Consciousness®

This too is of lower consciousness. It hovers above the level of FEAR, but still resides in an energy field that holds no power. Again, you can’t create what you want you with this type of energy focus. There’s no “gas in the tank” so to speak to get where you want to go.

Living in the MOMENT calibrates at 200 on the Map of Consciousness®

This is the place you can create from. You have “gas in the tank” to start manifesting what you want.

This is the level of COURAGE! 

It’s the gateway to manifestation, power, and truth.


Get Help Out of Lower Consciousness with Eckhart Tolle

Eckhart Tolle is a significant teacher of higher consciousness that can help you shift in consciousness.

Directory of Eckhart Tolle Teachings, Life Lessons, Online Courses CopyAfter my quantum spiritual awakening, I was drawn and awakened to higher consciousness by the teachings of Eckhart Tolle. I highly recommend teachings that are calibrated as higher consciousness.

Albert Einstein is quoted as saying, “You can’t solve a problem from the level of consciousness that created it.”


Here Are Links to This 5 Part Series on Intentional Manifestation

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Part 3: What’s the #1 Key to Intentional Manifestation?

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Part 5: What’s the Feeling of Intentional Manifestation? Eckhart & I share our experiences.

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Here are the links I promised in today’s videocast:

More helpful resources for intentional manifestation: