Raising Consciousness: How to Let Go of Fear on the Spiritual Path?

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How Do You Let Go of Fear (the ultimate fear) on the Spiritual Path?

Today in Dr. David R. Hawkins’s advanced spiritual teaching, he addresses how to let go of fear on the spiritual path. This concerns how to let go of the ultimate fear: to let go of the ego and who you think you are. It can also apply to any fear.

As you may know, you will experience fluctuations in spiritual work. When you think you’re making no progress, that’s the time to continue straight ahead because suddenly you are!

I wish I had some spiritual foundation for encountering higher consciousness before I did!?!

This guidance for advanced seekers on the spiritual path is beneficial to understand and accept.

I didn’t really know that I was on a spiritual path necessarily as I was simply who I’ve always been (for the most part).

I came into higher states of consciousness on numerous occasions and extended periods of time without this understanding. I encountered incredibly horrendous and fearful things on my unwitting spiritual path.

In this video, Dr. Hawkins gives you the “heads up” that in walking the “spiritual path,” you can suddenly and unexpectedly be confronted with the ultimate fear. This confrontation and fear can happen during meditation, or like for me, just spontaneously while wide awake going about my day.

His spiritual guidance on this is to walk straight ahead. Let go of the fear as the fear is illusory.

“Walk straight ahead no matter what!”

You can reach the final doorway where you are looking at the infinite possibility of letting go of the sense of “I” that you are familiar with.

At that last moment, you need the words, “walk straight ahead.” This fear is an imagination of the ego. There’s no danger in walking through the fear.

The sense of “I” or who I am is the ultimate fear stemming from the ego.

When you let go of who you think you are, then you will be confronted with who you really are and move beyond fear forever.

It also makes sense to call in GOD, Jesus, Buddha, Dr. Hawkins, Archangels, and known beings of higher consciousness to support you now. (At least, this is what I would do or intend to do on the path to Christ Consciousness.)

Consciously Curated Teacher of Enlightened onsciousness Badge 300x300 (1)In Conclusion:

All fear is an illusion.

It makes sense to learn how to let go of all fear and lower levels of consciousness in general, as it prepares you on the spiritual path for the possibility of encountering the infinite truth of who you really are.

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