Radically expand your understanding of being an empath, your subtle body & energy healing

Essential Energy Healing Practices for Empaths with Desda Zuckerman Intuitive Empath TrainingDo you “pick up on energy” easily? Are you highly sensitive or intuitively empathic?

If so, you naturally connect deeply with people all throughout your day and are probably sensing these energetic connections (positive and negative) somewhere in your body. Being an empath without awareness can be a challenge.

Renowned Sacred Anatomy teacher and healer Desda Zuckerman describes these connections as “metaphorical anchors” — or entanglements — in your subtle anatomy.

Often, these connections naturally and easily disperse after a few hours, but problems can develop when an endless number of undispersed entanglements create cumulative “clutter” that overwhelms your subtle anatomy…

On Saturday, February 23, Desda will introduce you to liberating, energy healing practices and intuitive empath training that can help you release these energetic ties, reclaim your authentic power, and take ownership of your life during Essential Energy Practices for Empaths: Discover How to Sever Entanglements for Greater Clarity, Freedom & Self Expression.

You can register for this FREE virtual event, here.

Receive healing empath training and practices that can help you reclaim your authentic power.

During this fascinating hour of empath training, you’ll:

  • Receive energy healing practices and inuitive empath training so that can help you reclaim your authentic power and enjoy being an empathExplore your natural, deep connections as an overly sensitive or  an intuitive empath person — and how you can stay grounded when you feel pulled toward other people’s energy
  • Learn the difference between your electromagnetic field and the subtle energy anatomy of the sacred structure mapped by Desda
  • Understand the ways you form entanglements with pets, objects, and the world around you
  • Discover how you can release the connections that are blocking you from moving forward — and transform your relationship to trauma, anxiety, and emotions
  • Experience a liberating and healing guided practice to help you sever entanglements and release attachments

During this intuitive empath training, you’ll also hear groundbreaking insights about the vast energy structure of your being, being an empath and how you can experience clearer thinking, cleaner energetic connections, and greater freedom and ownership of who and what you want to connect with (or not) in your life!

This event energy healing and intuitive empath training is free to attend… simply register here.

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P.S. During Essential Energy Practices for Intuitive Empaths, Desda Zuckerman will help you discover how to sever useless, unnecessary energetic entanglements so you can free yourself from countless burdens that you didn’t even know you were carrying around.

To discover how to take your (energy) healing into your own hands… and be at home being an empath open yourself to greater clarity, self-expression, and a happier body, register for the free event here.

A downloadable recording will be provided later to all who register, whether or not you listen to the empath training and scheduled event.


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