If you’re an empath, highly sensitive person or even moderately conscious individual, it’s likely you’re disturbed by the state of our planet. If you stop to think about everything that’s going wrong, it’s easy to become completely overwhelmed:

  • Hunger
  • Homelessness
  • Climate change
  • Power struggles
  • Rise of nationalism and prejudice
  • Extinction of species
  • Polarized opinions
  • Fear-based media
  • Violence and war

The problems seem to go on and on…

Maybe you’re so passionate about a cause that you challenge everyone around you to act, except they don’t respond. I can’t believe you don’t get fired up about this as I do! Come on!

Or you want to change the world, but it seems too big to tackle. You become disillusioned, bitter or even give up hope.

So, what’s happening here?

I propose many are holding the unrealistic expectation that one person can single-handedly change everything. Sensitive people tend to shoulder the entire world’s problems like they’re our own. Pick it up and hoist it all on your shoulders like the proverbial Atlas.

Please understand, you are not solely responsible for saving the world.

Our global community’s problems are too complex for a single solution. Plus, there are many different viewpoints about where we should be going as a species; negotiation is definitely in order. Collective change takes time (sometimes decades or centuries) and is fueled by the micro-actions we each take daily.

I invite you to sense into how much weight is sitting on your shoulders right now. Find your stress ramping up when scrolling through social media? Are your muscles tense, is it hard to move your neck? Just breathe life-giving oxygen into this area. Give yourself permission to lift off what you’ve been carrying for so long.

Take a few moments to research whatever issue bothers you the most. How many different organizations or initiatives are working on solutions right now? Can you support or expand what they’re already doing? Could you replicate their success in your local community?

You don’t have to pick 10 different causes to work on, simply choose the 1 or 2 where you believe your passion and skills can really make a difference.

It’s natural for empathic and sensitive people to feel called to serve. You need to know your unique gifts and abilities are making a difference. You see a problem and want to be a part of the solution.

Keep in mind, other people are out there, working on the issues for which you don’t have the time, expertise or resources. One of the beautiful things about human diversity is we each bring something different to the global table.

I guarantee, if there’s a cause worth standing up for, someone’s inner warrior has already taken the call.

So, let’s come out of our silos to change the world together…


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