The Mind Body Spirit Network is a local business directory and online directory for small businesses looking for innovative, affordable, and effective online marketing strategies to grow their health and wellness and transformational businesses. It is also a visionary platform to reimagine, uplevel and leverage your ability to increase online brand awareness, visibility and reach. It doesn’t matter where you live in the United States, a small business health directory or alternative niche directory like, and can greatly improve your Page #1 Local GOOGLE rankings if you know what you are doing. {& we do! }

What’s the Benefit of an Online Small Business Directory Like the The Mind Body Spirit Network?Local SEO services on small business directory gets you found consistently on GOOGLE.

  • Getting better and more, highly targeted and relevant Page #1 Local GOOGLE search results.
  • Capturing better and more, highly targeted LEADS into your business.
  • Expanding your online presence and brand awareness via our social media networks including Facebook, Twitter, GOOGLE +, Pinterest and YouTube, and
  • Growing your business in new ways.
  • Off-loading what I call “ONLINE OVERWHELM”
  • Delegating some online marketing to experts, who know how to prioritize and focus efforts, so you can sleep at night.

Local Online Business Directory

Why Include a Local Business Directory in Your Online Marketing Strategy?

In the absence of really good SEO ( aka search engine optimization) on your own website, a small business directory niche directory will typically show up on a local search for your main category of business before your own website. (It will work even better for you if you know your keyword phrases and understand niche directory SEO)

If you can’t keep up with fresh relevant content on your website (which GOOGLE loves), you can count on an online directory, especially an online niche directory like this Mind Body Spirit Health and Wellness directory of small businesses, always having new, relevant, expert content that search engines love and rank as an “Authority” website and community.

A niche online local business directory like this online directory that features only businesses in the fields of body, mind, spirit, health and wellness, conscious living, personal growth and development, green living and more is an “Authority” website and online community. It will have search engine ranking power over most individual small business websites because it is highly targeted and highly relevant to topical searches.

Find Out More { below}About the Problems Small Business Owners Encounter
(Online Overwhelm Being the Least of Them) and
Understanding the Power of a Local Directory

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Here’s What to Look for in a Web Niche Directory for Local Businesses:

  • Keyword research and consultation. (so you know what keyword phrases are most important for your target audience)
  • Copy writing guidelines and formatting. (so your online directory listing page follows proper SEO formatting rules)
  • Local SEO services, consultation and niche directory SEO expertise and
  • SEO optimization for your directory listing page. (so your page actually gets found on Page #1 of a Local GOOGLE search)
  • Professional layout and design of your online directory listing page. (so you look professional!)
  • Strategic link building. (so you maintain your Page #1 rankings)
  • Social media exposure. (so you get in front of a highly targeted market)
  • Lead capture capability. (so you can generate highly targeted leads to follow up on)
  • Email marketing strategy and lead magnet deliver
  • Calls to Action! (so prospective leads know what to do next…you MUST tell people what to do!)
  • Professional meta-information creation….(because most people have no idea how or why)
  • Video marketing opportunities including participation in our High Vibe TV and Book Review Videos
  • Online marketing consultation, so you understand the strategy.

Community website marketing for mind body spirit health directory members

What Type of Businesses are Ideal Candidates for the Mind Body and Spirit Health Web Directory?

Following are some of our top categories (sub-niche directories) of products, services, professions and companies:


Liz Gracia Online Marketing Professional with SEO ExpertisieThe Mind Body Spirit Network is a small business and local online niche directory for body mind  spirit health and conscious, green living professionals and companies. This innovative, affordable and effective local SEO business directory was born helping small businesses like yours succeed online. We understand that most small business professionals are NOT SEO-SEM, online marketing savvy or brand building savvy and need help, so we wanted to start a local business directory just for you. Most cannot keep up with fresh content on their websites, but more importantly don’t understand SEO, the importance of keyword research and local SEO or strategic linking, and social media marketing strategies.

We put all of online marketing “Best Practices” into play in our innovative online small business directory, so you don’t have to!

Join our unique online directory community today so you can sleep better at night and put “online overwhelm” behind you.