Discover the power of the heart as it relates to levels of consciousness and where TRUE Power and TRUE alignment with spiritual basics and foundations really exist in consciousness.

What Are Levels of Consciousness?

Well… states of consciousness and measuring those levels is beyond the scope of this blog on the consciousness of the heart.

Discover the power of the heart as it pertains to levels of consciousnessToday it’s simply about the levels of consciousness associated with the power of the heart and love.

Discovering the true power of the heart is also understanding the levels of consciousness or states of consciousness associated with love, unconditional love, joy, compassion and the power of love.

In today’s online Meetup Group for, levels of consciousness coach, Founder and Editor in Chief Liz Gracia helps to illuminate the true power of the heart and shares a very simple tool she uses to tap into the power of the heart, that is in fact igniting the power of love.

This simple 2 minute tool opens up the heart to significant healing and love that transforms her every day experiences from ordinary to exceptional, lively, loving and fun. It also has been experienced as transforming the everyone else around her in significant and wondrous ways. (It’s that powerful! In fact, on Dr. David R. Hawkins’ Map of Consciousness the power of the heart calibrates at 575 which is 10 to the 575th power! A significant level of consciousness in our Earthly domain.)

Psychic and Spiritual Medium Cheryl Murphy

Let’s Go Deeper Into the Power of the Heart!

In addition to a presentation about the levels of consciousness associated with love and the power of the heart, this online presentation features three gifted and members of that contribute their expertise in healing and understanding the power of the heart and where it calibrates on the Map of Consciousness.

First up is gifted healer and spiritual psychic medium Cheryl Murphy.

She is also founder of The Healing Prayer Circle and her Inner Circle Monthly Mentorship Program for developing your intuition, psychic abilities and medium-ship.

Cheryl is providing a powerful meditation for expanding your consciousness and opening up to the power of the heart for higher consciousness and healing frequencies. Listen in and enjoy this guided meditation.

Linda Armstrong Certified Theta Healer and Transformation CoachNext up is Linda Armstrong, a Certified Theta Healer that is facilitating transforming any unconscious beliefs that are contrary to the truth about the power of love, the power of the heart and that you in fact are loved, loveable and powerful.

Experience this FREE Theta Healing session from Certified Theta Healer, Linda Armstrong.

Want to work with Linda? Connect with her here.

Deborah Edwards CHopra Certified Instructor and Meditation SpecialistNext up is Deborah Edwards, a Chopra Certified Perfect HeaIth Instructor that will walk us through a guided heart meditation.

(If you like how powerful and yummy Deborah’s guided meditations are, you may want to take her up on 6 free online guided meditation classes available here.)

Levels of consciousness as it pertains to the heartFinally, consciousness coach Liz Gracia, helps you to understand the levels of consciousness (as it pertains to the power of the heart) and how to be happy as actual scientific measurements found on Dr. David Hawkins Map of Consciousness here.

  • Love calibrates at 500 on the map of consciousness which equals 10 to the 500th power.
  • The power of the heart in the heart chakra calibrates at 505 on the map.
  • Unconditional love and joy calibrate at 540 on the map of consciousness which equals 10 to the 540th power.
  • The consciousness of the planet and all its inhabitants calibrate at 207 (at last report) or 10 to the 207th power.

I highly recommend you take the time to experience the healing meditations that are created by this group of powerful healers and then continue watching the video as we dive into the science of love and what the power of the heart and love actually mean at a scientifically proven level.

Understanding the levels of consciousness as it pertains to the power of the heart is transformative in and of itself!

Liz Gracia Publisher and Editor in ChiefMentioned in the video are two books by Dr. David Hawkins, Power vs Force and Truth vs Falsehood. These are both excellent reference books for understanding human consciousness and all the levels of consciousness in our domain as humans on planet earth.

Share what you experienced here. Enjoy and comment below.

Liz Gracia
Founder & Editor in Chief

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