Today’s Inspirational Life Lesson: Join Oprah on Super Soul Sunday as she brings in Brené Brown on shame and how to overcome shame in your life.

As a teacher of consciousness, I intend to put the lower levels of consciousness into context. Unfortunately, shame is insidious in our world, as is unworthiness in general.

Consciously Curated Content of Higher Consciousness in the 300s BadgeFortunately, with the creation of the Map of Consciousness®, and the life’s work and dedication of Dr. David R. Hawkins’s research into consciousness and dedication to understanding the truth and nature of Divinity and creation, we can put shame into context.

Empowered by the Map, we can begin to learn how to let go of shame and unravel unworthiness on many levels.

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Brené  Brown on Shame

Brene Brown on Dealing with ShameDduring this interview with Oprah, Brené refers to her book “Daring Greatly: How the Courage to Be Vulnerable Transforms the Way We Live, Love, Parent, and Lead and how to let go of shame and all of the lower level emotions that build upon or support the feelings of shame, blame and guilt.

In this book, she has a Top 10 To-Do List for dealing with shame and other unworthiness and victimhood levels that exist in consciousness.

In today’s video with Brené Brown on shame she introduces 5 of the guideposts to living a “Whole-Hearted Life” including:

Cultivating Authenticity-letting go of what people think

Cultivate Authenticity-let go of what people think and how to overcome shameTo be authentic in one’s life and to have the courage to be oneself can be a very high level of consciousness know as VALOR. Valor calibrates at 500 on the Map of Consciousness and is a significant amount of power in consciousness to transform one’s life completely. This quantum leaps up from the level of consciousness of COURAGE that calibrates at 200 on the Map.

VALOR is the level of LOVE in consciousness.

Cultivating Self-Compassion – letting go of  perfectionism

Cultivate Self-Compassion- let go of perfectionismCOMPASSION is another significant level of higher consciousness that calibrates at 560 on the Map. This is an infrequent pure level of consciousness in humanity. In fact, only 4/10ths of 1% of the planet ever reaches the level of consciousness of 540, the level of unconditional love and inner joy.

So self-compassion is a significant “power play” in consciousness to cultivate for yourself.

Self-acceptance and willingness to forgive yourself can be a more attainable consciousness level to shift you out of the lower levels and help you let go of shame, blame, and guilt. Acceptance and forgiveness calibrate at 350 on the Map. This too is a high level of consciousness relative to the consciousness of most people on the planet.

PERFECTIONISM is another insidious level of consciousness in humanity that likely comes about from unconscious feelings of unworthiness and “not enough-ness”. Perfectionism calibrates below 200 on the Map. It would help if you learned how to let go of perfectionism to unravel the entanglement with these less than feelings that only lead to bitterness and resentment in the absence of self-awareness and understanding consciousness.

Get More Tools for Dealing with Shame from Brené Brown

Dealing with Shame Begins with Understanding

Shame begins with understanding the consciousness level of shame on the Map of Consciousness®.

Learn how to let go of shame as it is a very low level of consciousnessShame calibrates at 20 on the Map. That’s 10 to the 20th power. It’s a log 10 below the level of consciousness of GUILT at 30 on the Map or 10 to the 30th power.

These are two of the lowest levels of consciousness to be experienced by a human being or projected on to another. A common human foible is to want to make someone else feel guilty or ashamed for anything. This is a super low-level projection with dire karmic consequence.

If you have any religious affiliation, then you are likely acquainted with feeling shameful or guilty about something.

Equally, there are numerous topics human beings are meant to feel shameful or guilty about including:

  • Stop blaming othersHuman sexuality,
  • Wanting or desiring something in one’s life,
  • Aspiring to more for one’s self,
  • Physical appearance,
  • Addictions,
  • Overeating and obesity,
  • Not “enoughness”…money, beauty, ability, skill, etc…
  • Mental ability, and so much more!

The list can go on forever because the lower mind of the ego wants to make everyone outside of ourselves feel less than so that we as individuals can feel greater than others.

When you are blaming, shaming, and pointing fingers at others, there are 3 fingers pointing right back at you.

The need to blame, shame, and guilt others come from the energy of repressed and suppressed feelings within ourselves that want to be released.

Learning how to let go of shame and these other lower levels of consciousness is key to ending this cycle of negativity and hurting others.

More on Dealing with Shame from Brené Brown

Next on Brené’s Top 10 List for dealing with shame and any other low-level emotions includes:

Cultivating a Resilient Spirit – letting go of numbing and powerlessness

Become resilient and stand in your own power when you learn how to let go of shameRESILIENCY is a higher level of consciousness. I couldn’t find the calibration of resilience, but it likely is of a similar energy field to TOLERANT, which calibrates at 245 on the Map. Learning how to overcome shame will require a certain degree of resiliency to get you there.

Learning how to let go of powerlessness, unworthiness, fear, anger, doubt, resentment, and all of these low-level feelings aligns you with the higher-level energy fields essential to change.

Cultivating Gratitude and Joy – letting go of scarcity and fear of the dark

GRATITUDE  & INNER JOY are “Superpowers” in consciousness! They calibrate at 540 on the Map. Use this understanding to re-align yourself with higher-level attractor fields.

Gratitude is a power play for change learn how to overcome shame and step into gratitudeIf you are harboring lower-level feelings of scarcity and fear, the only way I have come to overcome shame and all of these lower-level feelings is to become familiar with the mechanism of letting go by Dr. David R. Hawkins and practicing how to let go every day.

Be the change you want to see in your life!

Cultivating Intuition and Trusting Faith – letting go of the need for certainty

Intuition becomes stronger as we learn how to let go and step into higher levels of consciousness. As Dr. Hawkins likes to point out, letting go is simply removing the blocks to who you really are.

He uses the metaphor of clouds and the sun. The sun is always present (within in); you need to remove the clouds that block the rays of powerful light that you really are.

I understand the yearning for certainty! But as I learned how to let go of my suppressed and repressed emotions, the need for certainty about anything dissolved significantly.

You experience a more balanced, present moment way of life as you unravel the entanglement with lower-level emotions and what Dr. Hawkins likes to call “the narcissistic core of the ego.”

Learn how to overcome shame by Cultivating hope and faithFAITH is a leap in consciousness for most people as it is a high level at 360 on the Map.

HOPE can be more attainable as it calibrates at 310 at the level of WILLINGNESS on the Map.

In Conclusion on How to Overcome Shame

Shame is an impersonal attractor field likely brought about by suppressing and repressing emotions as a child…

“Don’t get mad.”

“Don’t be mean.”

“Don’t be afraid.”

As children, we all likely perceive these instructions guiltily and shamefully as we typically, as children, seek approval from parents, adults, teachers, and friends who didn’t know any better.

These “feeding tones” get buried in our consciousness as they were NOT allowed to be felt and expressed fully as children. (We have feelings for a reason, wouldn’t you think?)

HOw to experience present moment living one day at a timeSo how can you overcome shame in this world? In the absence of the Map of Consciousness® and understanding the mechanism of letting go, we don’t know any better until we step into serious courage and willingness to take a close look at ourselves.

Now that you have it, you can use the power of the mind, which is the power of reason, rationality, and understanding, to let go of feelings of blame, shame, and guilt, all created from the past as a child and step into true freedom.

You can learn more about how to let go of shame from Dr. Hawkins’s book: “Letting Go, the Pathway to Surrender”  and join me on my podcast “Your Weekly Dose of Higher Consciousness” or videocast, which deals with all of this!

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