Today’s episode of Your Weekly Dose of Higher Consciousness is all about intentional manifestation and how to manifest what you want.

What’s Intentional Manifestation? Rocket Fuel for Manifesting What You Want

How would you like some high-powered rocket fuel for manifesting what you want?

Today’s episode is the first in a five-part series on intentional manifestation. It also introduces and reviews Eckhart Tolle’s popular Conscious Manifestation Course, which he offers at least once a year.

Part 1 introduces the inspiration for creating this Intentional Manifestation Series…how to manifest your intention and the rocket fuel required to create powerfully.

It is also about an interview I discovered between Gary Zukav and Oprah Winfrey. Their topic of discussion includes:
intentional manifestation,


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What Does It Mean to Manifest Intentionally?

What does it mean to manifest intentionall?

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Intentional manifestation is a profound concept that revolves around the idea that our thoughts and intentions can shape our reality. This practice, deeply rooted in spirituality and self-help methodologies, suggests that by focusing our mental energy on specific desires or outcomes, we can influence the material world[1][2][3][4][5][6][7].

At its core, intentional manifestation hinges on the belief that what you intend subconsciously or consciously will eventually manifest in your life[8]. I did an entire podcast and blog on this topic called: Mind Over Matter-What You Hold in Mind Tends to Manifest here. This process involves several key steps, starting with identifying a clear goal or intention [9]. Be specific about what you want to manifest, as vague intentions might not provide the necessary direction for the consciousness to respond effectively[10].

Once the intention is set, positive affirmations can play a role. However, after years of study and understanding consciousness research, learning about the mechanism of letting go or how to let go may be most constructive.

I have also discovered revelations about limited, false, and inherited beliefs and trapped emotions that block my abilities to manifest intentionally.

Visualization can be another element of intentional manifestation. By vividly imagining the achievement of your goals, you engage your emotions and deeper cognitive processes, which can help attract the circumstances necessary for your conscious intentions to materialize. This step can be complemented by engaging in meditative practices that focus on the intended outcomes[14].

Setting intentions are a power play according to consciousness research

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Moreover, releasing any self-limiting beliefs that might hinder the manifestation process is essential. These could include doubts about one’s worthiness or fears of failure. Overcoming these mental barriers allows you to receive the universe’s abundance [15] fully.

Finally, gratitude and appreciation for “what is” are transformative in this practice. Being thankful for what you already have and acknowledging the progress made towards your conscious intent and manifestations creates a positive feedback loop that attracts more positive experiences and opportunities into your life[16].

In summary, intentional manifestation is not merely wishful thinking but a structured approach involving clear intention-setting, positive affirmations, visualization, overcoming mental barriers and subconscious and limiting beliefs, and practicing gratitude. By diligently applying these principles, individuals can potentially shape their reality in ways that align with their deepest desires and aspirations.

Here are the links I promised in today’s videocast:

More helpful resources for intentional manifestation:

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Part 5: What’s the Feeling of Intentional Manifestation? Eckhart & I share our experiences.

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