Are Any Sweeteners of Higher Consciousness & “Good” for Us?

Your Weekly Dose of Higher Consciousness Quiz:

Which sweetener (if any) is of highest consciousness and “good’ for you:

  • Which sweetener (if any) is of highest consciousness and Sugar,
  • Honey,
  • Stevia,
  • Xylitol,
  • Saccharine,
  • Maple Syrup,
  • Other artificial sweeteners

What do you think?

I think the calibrations may surprise you on a few!?!

If you enjoy calibrations of foods, you may enjoy our calibration of popular diets here.

You may also enjoy “Eating Your Way to Your Ideal Weight” here.

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Your Weekly Dose of Higher Consciousness Quizzes

The Map of Consciousness Explained by Dr. David R. HawkinsConsciousness Calibrations of Popular Sweeteners and sugarI created Your Weekly Dose of Higher Consciousness Podcast and Videocast on YouTube to help you raise your level of consciousness on a wide variety of topics in the form of higher consciousness quizzes.

I loved the idea of helping you understand Dr. David R. Hawkins’s Map of Consciuoness® by creating this Consciousness Quiz.

If the Map of Consciousness® is new to you, it is a “Proven energy scale to actualize your ultimate potential.”

The Map is a blueprint for where real power and truth exist across a vast logarithmic scale. You don’t need to guess anymore where true power exists to manifest what you want in life (as an example).

You’ll come to understand what low-level attractor fields are detrimental to all areas of your life.

You will also discover, not surprisingly,  the higher levels of consciousness in life.

Consciousness research has shown that exposure to all of the books by Dr. David R. Hawkins can raise your level of consciousness by 35 points.

To put this into context, most people only raise their level of consciousness 5 points over a lifetime. This is significant and life-changing for many.

Here’s to raising consciousness with all of our higher consciousness quizzes below.


Many of our quiz calibrations come from our favorite database of calibrations at

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Here Are Our Most Recent Episodes of Your Weekly Dose of Higher Consciousness Quiz

Before you get started on our higher consciousness quizzes’s a significant calibration of this comment by a subscriber at

“I find regularly reading the Consciousness Calibrations Database gives one a positive feeling and relieves anxiety. What does this activity calibrate at?”

This statement calibrates at 530 on the Map of Consciousness®

In other words, it’s a really healthy, consciousness-raising activity that’s worthy of your time 5- 10 minutes a day or a few times a week!

The Higher Consciousness Quiz is intended to help you “feel” your way into the answers and alignment with TRUTH. This will help you with developing your intuition and being able to discern Truth from Falsehood.

Here’s to raising your consciousness in fun ways!


Get Help Out of Lower Consciousness with Eckhart Tolle

Eckhart Tolle is a significant teacher of higher consciousness that can help you shift in consciousness.

Directory of Eckhart Tolle Teachings, Life Lessons, Online Courses CopyAfter my quantum spiritual awakening, I was drawn and awakened to higher consciousness by the teachings of Eckhart Tolle. I highly recommend teachings that are calibrated as higher consciousness.

Albert Einstein is quoted as saying, “You can’t solve a problem from the level of consciousness that created it.”


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Make your life a living prayer with Dr. David R. Hawkins

About Dr. David R. Hawkins, M.D., Ph.D.

Sir David R. Hawkins, M.D., Ph.D. was a nationally renowned psychiatrist, physician, researcher, spiritual teacher and lecturer. The uniqueness of his contribution to humanity comes from the advanced state of spiritual awareness known as ” Enlightenment,” “Self–Realization,” and “Unio Mystica.”Rarely, if ever, has this spiritual state occurred in the life of an accomplished scientist and physician. Therefore, Dr. Hawkins was uniquely qualified to present a spiritual path that is scientifically compelling to modern society.

The classical hallmarks of this state are pristine awareness of Ultimate Reality, compassion for all beings, tireless dedication to alleviate suffering, radiant joy, and humor. People from all walks of life, nationalities, and spiritual orientations honor Dr. Hawkins as a teacher of advanced awareness, exemplified in the title “Rae Ryeong Seon Kak Tosa” (Foremost Teacher of the Way to Enlightenment) bestowed upon him in Korea.



All calibrations are based on Dr. David R. Hawkins decades of research into consciousness, and the Map of Consciousness that came from this research, so as to put into context where true, constructive power really exists and where it doesn’t.

The Map of Consciousness is a logarithmic scale of 0-1,000, where 100 on the Map of Consciousness is 10 to the 100th power, 200 is 10 to the 200th power, etc. The higher you go up on the Map of Consciousness, the more quantum in nature the power level comes.

Any calibration below 200 holds no truth and no power and is destructive in nature.

TRUE POWER begins at 200 on the Map of Consciousness (10 to the 200th power) and it is the level of COURAGE. In order to turn around anything that’s negatively oriented in your life, you need to step into courage on the matter in order to do so.

Interested in Removing the Blocks to Higher Consciousness?


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Liz Gracia is the Founder & Editor in Chief of The Mind Body Spirit Network and loves to bring visionary thought leaders, teachers and speakers as well as luminary healers, change agents and transformation specialists to light in order to assist in the evolution of consciousness on Mother Earth and all its inhabitants.

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