Energy Healer Training: Discover Your Journey to Becoming an Energy Healer

Are you looking to become an energy healer? Training as an energy healer is a rewarding journey. In this guide, you’ll find all the necessary tools, resources, and techniques to help you become an experienced and successful energy healer for yourself or others. You will also discover the true power inherent in energy medicine based on the consciousness research below.

Have You Been Called to Help Others Heal?

If you’ve felt a calling to become an energy healer, the first step is to get trained in the core theories, understandings, and techniques.

You can find specialized courses in energy-based medicine, including:

With the necessary knowledge and practice, your natural gifts as a healer will be able to come to life, and you can express your connection to divine healing energy in many ways.

If you are serious about sound healing training, click here for those related resources.

Are you ready to become an energy healing practitioner?

If so, consider joining a comprehensive training program to dive deep into personal healing and the intricacies of  *energy medicine in consciousness (460) and energy healing.

An appropriate program will help you develop your unique intuitive way and explore how to use energy healing in real-world situations. It is essential to improve your understanding of the power of energy healing and transform yourself and the world around you!

Are you interested in becoming a certified energy healer?

Discover the Power of Energy Medicine-1Training in this field can help you to integrate intuitive healing practices into your existing or newly established body of work as a practitioner, coach, or therapist.

With the proper training, you can use the *power of energy medicine to unlock potential, release trapped emotions and energetic blockages, and help people on their life journey.

Obtaining energy healer training can help you become a power for positive transformation and healing. By deepening your understanding of energetic and vibrational medicine, you can understand how to focus these energies to support others on their paths.

Upon completing a formalized training and certification program, you can use your newfound healing and higher-level spiritual gifts to make an invaluable impact on the planet through energy healing work.

If you are considering becoming a certified energy healer, there is essential training to consider. You will learn to sense and intuit information through your body, open your heart for healing work, and recognize your soul’s purpose. Through this process, you will gain the knowledge and skill necessary to become a successful healer.

Discover Consciously Curated Content You Can Trust

Energy Healing Online Courses Energy MedicineConsciousness Calibrations Put Everything Into Context

According to consciousness research by Dr. David R. Hawkins, *ENERGY MEDICINE calibrates at 460 on the scale of human consciousness. To put this calibration into relevant context, science and western medicine calibrate at 450 on the Map of Consciousness®, per Dr. Hawkins’s book Truth vs Falsehood.

Why is this significant? Well, presumably, you want to be giving your attention and focus on something that “holds” truth or power in consciousness.  In the absence of consciousness calibrations, how would you know?

According to consciousness research, higher consciousness calibrates at 200 and above on the scale of human consciousness. It “holds truth,” power, is positively oriented, upward pulling, and constructive.

Lower consciousness is anything that calibrates below 200 on the scale of human consciousness. It “holds” NO truth, or power, is negatively oriented, downward pulling, and DE-structive.

In general, you can “trust” the attractor field of ENERGY MEDICINE, though this is not to say you can “trust” all energy medicine practitioners. When choosing an energy healing practitioner, healer, or teacher, you must practice discernment.

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Learn the Foundations of Energy Healing

Learn the Foundations of Energy HealinBefore embarking on your journey of becoming an energy healer, it’s essential to understand the fundamentals.

Several energy healing techniques and modalities exist, such as Reiki, Acupuncture, and Quantum Touch. It’s crucial to take the time to research these modalities so you have a thorough understanding of how each one works and its potential benefits.

Learning about anatomy, physiology, bioenergetic medicine, energy psychology, and subtle body systems will prepare you for the foundations of successful energy healing.

Video Book Review of Energy Medicine by Donna EdenInvesting in a comprehensive energy healing course is a great way to gain foundational knowledge. You’ll learn the basics, such as how to open your energetic pathways and self-care essential for you and your clients.

You’ll also become familiar with many tools for energy healing, such as breathing techniques, visualizations, meditation, crystals for healing, sound healing, and chakra balancing and clearing.

Along with learning about and mastering these tools and techniques, you will also gain self-awareness as an energy healer, which will help enhance your practice and create powerful results.

What Is Energy Healing?

Receive an energy-healing practice to deepen your grounding in these uncertain times with Wendy DeRosaEnergy healing is a holistic practice that activates the body’s subtle energies and chakra systems to remove trapped emotions and energetic blocks. The body’s ability to heal itself is stimulated by breaking through these energetic blocks.

Training to become an energy healer requires knowledge and skills in various techniques to help you or your clients suffering from mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual issues.

From anxiety to chronic pain, cancer treatments, trauma, PTSD, and more, energy healers can reduce symptoms, release trapped emotions, and provide relief.

They do this by using specific energy-healing methods that have been proven beneficial for treating various ailments.

Here are some energy healing methods that are proven in consciousness research to be of higher consciousness and practical:

Are you interested in becoming an energy healer?

To become a certified and successful practitioner, comprehensive training is vital. You must undergo in-depth energy medicine training to learn all the necessary techniques. Listen to your inner voice. Practice feeling the subtle energies of your inner guidance. You will be drawn to the modalities that are aligned with where you are at in the process of becoming an energy medicine practitioner.

Be aware that there are more advanced energy medicine fields to consider like:

After gaining enough expertise and experience, you may choose to work independently or collaborate with traditional medical professionals as part of a holistic therapy program.

Becoming an energy healer requires specialized training. This training may include learning about different forms of energy medicine, such as Qi Medicine, Reiki, and other healing modalities.

Some energy healers also opt to take further courses to incorporate their training into other practices, such as massage therapy and acupressure.

Other therapeutic techniques, such as aromatherapy, color therapy, yoga, and Tai chi, may be included in these classes to teach practitioners how to utilize and combine multiple healing modalities. Additionally, certain energy systems specific to a particular country or culture are often explored to provide a holistic view of energy healing.

By learning the basics of energy medicine and its various applications, students can choose which modality best suits the individual needs of their clients.

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Leads to an Online Course with Dr. Bradley Nelson

Discover The Emotion Code (370) with Dr. Bradley Nelson

The Emotion Code by Dr. Bradley NelsonAccording to Dr. Bradley Nelson, an internationally renowned medical intuitive, healer, and teacher, unfelt, unacknowledged, and unreleased emotions are at the core of most of our body’s imbalances — and in the case of pain, they’re behind 90 percent of symptoms.

Join Dr. Brad as he introduces you to the Emotion Code®, an approach to energy healing that taps into your subconscious to locate and move stuck emotional energies from your body quickly and easily.

What is The Emotion Code? Get detailed information and an interview with a Certified Emotion Code Practitioner here.

An Expert’s Take on Being a Gifted Energy Healer, Clients Love to Refer

What Does It Take to Be a Competent Practitioner?Training to become an energy healer is a great way for practitioners to learn how to use their natural abilities to help improve their patients’ physical and emotional well-being.

Energy healers need to receive proper instruction and guidance to practice safely and effectively and develop strong communication skills with clients.

Suppose you are considering a career in energy healing. In that case, seeking proper training and continuing education is essential.

Qualified energy healers must have strong judgment skills and be able to discern when it is within their scope of experience to treat a client or whether they should refer them to someone better qualified for the job.

Becoming a diplomatic business person, manager, customer service representative, and salesperson with a strong sense of self is also essential.

Rising Public Awareness of Alternative & Holistic Health Practices

Rising Awareness of Alternative Practices-1Energy healer training has become increasingly popular with the rise in alternative health and medical practices.

According to a 2017 Pew Research Survey, half of Americans have sought alternative medicine in their lifetime, such as herbal remedies, acupuncture, chiropractic practices, or energy therapies.

As a result, more people are pursuing energy healing through formalized training courses and certifications. As interest in energy healing increases, individuals who have completed the necessary education and training are presented with more career opportunities than ever before.

Those looking to enter this rewarding field can benefit from learning about the various training options available.

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Discover The Energy Codes:  Next Level Energy Medicine with Dr. Sue Morter

The Energy Codes: The 7-Step System to Awaken Your Spirit, Heal Your Body, and Live Your Best LifeDr. Sue Morter developed her world-renowned Energy Code teachings … so you can clear the way for profound healing and the ability to co-create EVERYTHING in your life.

Dr. Sue — an early pioneer of Energy Medicine and bioenergetics — will present Discover the Next Level of Energy Medicine: Clear Hidden Blocks in Your Energy Circuitry to Liberate Your Inner Healer, Intuitive Guidance & Power to Manifest.

Understand How the Chakras Play a Key Role in Energy Medicine

The Chakra System is a Key Understanding in Energy MedicineUnderstanding the chakra system is vital to becoming an energy healer.

The seven primary chakras are major body energy centers located along the spine. Each chakra corresponds to specific organs and structures, and their associated functions can affect a person’s life’s physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects.

As an energy healer, it is crucial to learn how these energy centers interact with one another and how they relate to various health conditions. Once you have mastered the basics of chakra theory, you will be able to combine this knowledge with the healing techniques you’ve learned to improve your clients’ lives.

As an energy healer, you can use this knowledge of the chakras to diagnose and treat physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual ailments.

You can identify blockages in the flow of energy through the chakras and explain how these blockages cVideo Book Review Mudras for Healing and Transformationontribute to a person’s symptoms. You can then use various techniques such as The Emotion Code®EFT Tapping, guided visualization, gentle touch, aromatherapy, and crystal healing therapy to release blocked energy.

By learning about the power within the chakra system, you can help people become more deeply connected with their inner selves and gain greater insight into their own bodies life force.

I highly recommend becoming acquainted with the chakra system and hand mudras for healing the chakra system (350) .

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Super Charge Your Chakra Practice with Anodea Judith

Wheels of Life- A User's Guide to the Chakra System for self-healingby Anodea Judith

Bestselling author and the world’s #1 expert on chakras, Anodea Judith, will reveal the secret to optimizing your energy system during a free virtual event hosted by The Shift Network: Supercharge Your Chakra Practice: How to Heal Your Energy Centers & Unleash the Full Power of Your Life Force.

This video-streamed seminar will directly build from Anodea’s Wheels of Life book, which has sold more than 300,000 copies and is considered a classic in the field.


Develop Intuitive Guidance and Medical Intuitive Skills

As an energy healer, you can also work on developing your intuitive guidance and medical intuitive skills, skills made famous by Caroline Myss and Edgar Cayce
THE SCIENCE OF MEDICAL INTUITION - with Caroline MyssIntuitive guidance helps you to listen to your inner voice to make decisions and take appropriate actions. Medical intuitive skills involve using the sixth sense and psychic abilities like clairvoyance, clairsentience, and claircognizance to diagnose physical illnesses or ailments.
Developing these skills requires practice, discernment, and filtering out any distractions from letting intuition flow outwardly without a filter. Meditation, visualization, and a direct connection with nature are all helpful steps in becoming an energy healer.
To further develop these skills, energy healers can take courses or workshops specializing in medical intuition. These classes help to hone intuitive abilities through open thought exchange and practice sessions with other healers.
After gaining the necessary skill set, intuitive medical healers can begin offering their services, such as physical diagnostic and aura readings. They may also host healing circles or workshops to share their experiences and connect with others interested in honing their own intuitive healing practices.

Before You Become a Healing Guide, You First Must Be Guided

You Must First Become GuidedDo you want to gain the skills it takes to transform your powerful healing intuition into a holistic healing practice?

You can follow your passion and turn it into a tremendous life-long career with intuitive energy healer training. You have the power to help others, and equipped with the proper knowledge and expertise; you will be able to do so successfully.

Starting this journey requires you to open up and receive the critical lessons you’ll be learning along the way.

Energy healing is a subtle art that the practitioner must first experience before they can help others through it. When embarking on energy healer training, remember that being a guide begins with being guided by your teacher. Cultivate mindfulness and stay present in each learning experience; compassionately practice self-care to open your mind throughout the journey; and connect deeply to intuition so that your newfound abilities will be used for a greater purpose.

Energy Healer Certification

Suppose you want to become an energy healer. In that case, professional certifications are available from organizations such as:

While a certification is not required to practice as an energy healer, it can help demonstrate your professional knowledge and experience.

To become certified as an energy healer, you must complete specific training requirements set out by the relevant organization offering such courses. The standards and requirements of completion vary depending on which organization you choose to study with. There is no one-size-fits-all answer for those interested in becoming an energy healer.

Different states have varying laws and regulations governing energy healing practitioners, so be sure to research the requirements for your state before beginning your training. Additionally, many masseuses offer energy healing as part of their services and must adhere to the local massage therapist regulations.

My Favorite Tools for the Energy Healer’s Toolbox

The Emotion Code by Dr. Bradley Nelson

The Emotion Code: How to Release Your Trapped Emotions for Abundant Health, Love, and Happiness
by Dr. Bradley Nelson

According to, the “energy” of this book The Emotion Code, calibrates at 370 on the scale of human consciousness, which is of higher consciousness and significance in healing.

In my experience and understanding of consciousness, learning about applied kinesiology, also known as muscle testing, is highly recommended if you become a certified energy healer.

Your diagnosis or approach to healing will be far more accurate when using this in your holistic health practice.

I highly recommend Dr. Nelson’s FREE introductory webinar on The Emotion Code, which leads to an online course here.

I share my experience with The Emotion Code on Your Weekly Dose of Higher Consciousness POdcast here:

Book Review on Mudras for Healing and Transformation

Mudras for Healing and Transformation
by Joseph and Lilian LePage

According to, the “energy” of mudras for balancing and healing the chakras calibrates at 350 on the scale of human consciousness, which is of higher consciousness and significance in healing.

Sample Hand Mudra Card DeckIf you have particular symptoms or diagnosed conditions, this book has a hand mudra to hold while focusing on the affected areas of the body needing healing.

I have used mudras for transformation for years and always feel the energies moving in soothing and enjoyable ways. I highly recommend this book and/or their deck of cards for your energy healer’s toolbox.

Applied Kinesiology, Revised Edition: A Training Manual and Reference Book of Basic Principles and Practices

Applied Kinesiology, Revised Edition: A Training Manual and Reference Book of Basic Principles and Practices
by Robert Frost, Ph.D.

According to, the “energy” of this book on applied kinesiology calibrates at 430 on the scale of human consciousness, which is of higher consciousness and significance in healing.

In my experience and understanding of consciousness, learning about applied kinesiology, also known as muscle testing, is highly recommended if you become a certified energy healer.

Your diagnosis or approach to healing will be far more accurate when using this in your holistic health practice.

Learn EFT Tapping and challenge yourself

Take the 21 Day EFT Tapping Challenge
Learn the Emotional Freedom Technique with Dawson Church

According to, the “energy” of  EFT tapping or the Emotional Freedom Technique is 445 on the scale of human consciousness, which is an important and powerful tool for your energy healer’s toolbox.

I have used EFT tapping for recovering from trauma for years. It has been significant on my journey for self-healing.

I highly recommend you become acquainted with EFT tapping, go through the 21 Day Tapping Challenge with Dawson Church, and get significant relief from many issues here.

You will have an excellent tool to recommend to patients to care for themselves as well.

Career Outlook

Career Outook for Holisitc Energy PractitionersThere are numerous training opportunities for those interested in energy healing.

Whether studying traditional eastern or western forms of energy healing, it is essential to stay informed and prepared for the process.

By seeking out courses and learning from experienced practitioners, an individual can learn various skills and practices to help people regain balance in their lives and regain control of their health.

Becoming an energy healer is a great way to begin a career in alternative therapy.

With the growing demand for energy healing therapies and alternative healthcare, those who pursue training and certification in this field can benefit from the expected job growth.

In fact, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), job growth among holistic health practitioners is expected to balloon by 26% between 2018 and 2028.

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The Energy Codes with Dr. Sue Morter

Dr. Sue Morter – Energy Codes for Rebirth

The Emotion Code with Dr. Bradley Nelson

Dr. Bradley Nelson – Introducing the Emotion Code®

Next Level Energy Medicine with Dr. Sue Morter

Sue Morter – Discover the Next Level of Energy Medicine

Tuition & Fees for Energy Healer Training

Energy Healing Courses for Self-Healing-1Training to become an energy healer typically involves studying a variety of practices and topics and can vary in length.

If you simply want to learn energy healing for self-healing and assisting others, certification courses may be overkill, and many of the courses we curate are meant for you!

For many of the consciously curated introductory courses, we show here, the price of introductory energy healer training courses starts at about $197 – $497. A few may run higher than this, but not many introductory courses do.

Depending on the program chosen, tuition may be impacted by factors like the type of program, materials needed, and additional resources required for completion.

If you want to become an energy healer, a range of training courses are available. More comprehensive programs offered at massage and energy medicine schools cost between $5,000 and $15,000.

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The Science of Medical Intuition with Caroline Myss

The Science of Medical Intuitive Training with Caroline Myss and Norm Shealy MD Online Medical Intuition Training

GET INSTANT ACCESS to the Energy Healing Summit

The Energy Healing Summit

Clearing Emotional Blocks to Intuition with Wendy DeRosa

Clearing Emotional Blocks to Intuition with Wendy DeRosa

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